Free 3D rigged Rubik's cube

Free 3D Rigged Rubik’s Cube Model and Tutorial

This is a great method to create a free 3D rigged Rubik’s Cube model in Cinema 4D. The original concept was created by Sabuhi in his awesome speed tutorial on Vimeo here and it was adapted by Ryan Gibson with his tutorial here:

a backfocus chart on a grey background

Backfocus chart

A backfocus chart is a black and white pattern usually on a piece of paper or card used for adjusting lens focus. Specifically by changing the values on the backfocus. Different backfocus charts can have varying levels of detail on them but the main purpose is focus related.

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VFX Career Route Infographic


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Free Cork Patterns

Our designers have created a few cork patterns and you can download them here.

Download Cork Patterns


Typography in Motion Graphics

Typography has long had a place in motion design, visual effects and animation being one of the most important communication tools in telling the story of the design and in some cases being it’s primary focus. Some uses are:

  1. Kinetic text animation
  2. Motion Tracked text
  3. 3D extruded text.

Many other types of movement can be employed with text also, however beyond just animation, the application of typography extends all the way back to the design employed by the original typographers.

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Montage of Flayr FX products

Flayr FX is a great resource site for motion designers and visual effects artists. Upon our launch we have created sets of simple designs aimed mainly at designers who are not that advanced, but these products can be useful for anybody’s designs depending on the needs. We have many sets of backgrounds and overlays such as film grain, light leaks and vhs effects. These can be composited onto existing layers within After Effects to create certain desired effects.

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Design resources to look out for

Plural Sight Website


Around since 2004, Pluralsight is one off the largest online course providers for the vfx, production and web design industries.

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3D design software overview

Below is a short quick sum up of 4 of the best 3D Design softwares available at the moment.

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